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Show Off Your Sassy Side!

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Fashion Clips / Beach Accessories / Jewelry / License Frames & More!

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 Fashion Clips

Change your wardrobe into a new one by just changing your clip! Here are some ideas.  Attach to:

Rolled up cuffs of jeans
Capris and shorts

Tops - use for jewelry
Tops - push up sleeves
Tops - draw up each side
Purse add to purse pockets


Caps and Visors



Don't Leave The Beach Behind!

Yes, it's


 Glitter License Frames

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100% Return Policy
If You Don't Love It!

Free Shipping

Yes, it is real glitter.  Not vinyl, paint or resin. Since there is no resin, there is no worry about "melting". We currently have these bling license plate frames available:
Solid Black - Our best seller for the past 4 years. When your car is moving or in the sun light, it gives off a multitude of tiny like clear sparkles!  It's not "in you face" loud, just really cute!
Black Fireworks - Just like our solid back but has a lot of multicolored other glitters mixed in.  It looks like a disco ball when moving down the road. Not so much bling that the drivers behind you will be blinded but the multicolored sparkles are awesome!
Solid Silver -  a favorite 2nd runner up.  Very sparkly when driving down the road with the car moving.  Tons of clear sparkles that flash like a million diamonds.

Specialty Silver - This license frame is basically a silver glitter frame with lots of many colored glitter pieces mixed in that gives a super fun and wild view for the drivers behind!

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Sassy Trends'
Adalee Ivy Designs


Adalee Ivy Designs has been in business since 1998 (24 years). We have been selling on the internet for over 12 years with constant 5 star ratings for our quality products, great customer service and fast shipping.


We strive to give you the best customer service you will ever experience.

We are located in the USA and sell only in our country. All of our products are handcrafted by professional Adalee Ivy Designers.

©2012 designed exclusively for
Sassy Trends.


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100% $ Back Guaranteed Returns
Flat $2.50 Shipping Cost Per Order
Made In the USA

All Fashion Clips are Patent pending.
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