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Sassy Trend's License Plate Frames

We are the first to originate the real glitter license plate frame on a high quality metal frame. We have had constant 5 star reviews over the years. NOTE: we do NOT use RESIN in our frames so there is no chance of melting!  These glitter frames go through car washes and ALL weather conditions. We have sold these frames for 13 years and they are still holding up and look like new!


sold only in the United States


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Yes, it's


Yes, it is real glitter.  Not vinyl, paint or resin. Since there is no resin, there is no worry about "melting". We currently have these bling license plate frames available:
Solid Black - Our best seller for the past 4 years. When your car is moving or in the sun light, it gives off a multitude of tiny like clear sparkles!  It's not "in you face" loud, just really cute!
Black Fireworks - Just like our solid back but has a lot of multicolored other glitters mixed in.  It looks like a disco ball when moving down the road. Not so much bling that the drivers behind you will be blinded but the multicolored sparkles are awesome!
Solid Silver -  a favorite 2nd runner up.  Very sparkly when driving down the road with the car moving.  Tons of clear sparkles that flash like a million diamonds.

Specialty Silver - This license frame is basically a silver glitter frame with lots of many colored glitter pieces mixed in that gives a super fun and wild view for the drivers behind!

About Sassys'
License Frames

Our real glitter license plate frames are exactly that!  REAL glitter on a high quality metal license frame. We have a patented transparent totally clear top coating that will keep the glitter on no matter how much rain, snow or desert heat you have. THESE FRAMES ARE NOT MADE WITH RESIN SO THE WILL NOT MELT!  The frames seldom need cleaning but you can just spray them down with a hose or take them through the car wash as often as you like.


These are only made and sold in the USA and fit our license plates.
We do not ship outside the USA


License frames are sold individually since many states only require one license plate on a car or truck.

4 transparent glitter license plate frames.jpg

The Do's

1. Do use the car wash as often as you want.

2. Do use your frame during all weather conditions. That includes rain, snow and intense heat.


3. DO ENJOY!!! We are here for you should something happen to your frame in the future.   Adalee Ivys' license frames should last for many years with no special care!

The Dont's

1. Do not try cleaning your frame with a steel or coarse brush. Go through the car wash or hose it off.

2. Do not drive on gravel roads often with this or any other "bling" frame. Gravel will gradually chip off rhinestones, glitter and crystals

Do not use the screws we include with our screw cap cover kits unless you have nothing else. The screws you have holding your license plate are made specifically for your car.

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