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One Magnetic Fashion Clip that will change your life and your wardrobe. Use on your clothes, purses, boots, caps and visors, use as jewelry and more. It's so easy. Just open, place and snap shut. Traveling? Don't take along a lot of clothes - just bring your Adalee Ivy Fashion Clips!

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 Fashion Clips

Change your wardrobe into a new one by just changing your clip! Here are some ideas.  Attach to:

Rolled up cuffs of jeans
Capris and shorts

Tops - use for jewelry
Tops - push up sleeves
Tops - draw up each side
Purse add to purse pockets


Caps and Visors




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Add More Bling
To Your Life

Swarovski Crystals
Metal studs

We add and change out our bling, but here is what we have currently on our Adalee Ivy Fashion Clips.
Red rhinestones, clear rhinestones, Genuine Swarovski Crystals, silver glitter, black glitter, pink glitter, purple glitter, silver studs, gold studs and bling on black. You can see these colors by going to our shop.

About Adalees' Fashion Clips

These magnetized Fashion Clips are 3 1/8" when folded over by 3/4" wide. The Fashion Clips are made up of two PU leather layers - so they are more flexible, softer and easier to clean.


The design makes it very easy to use and to change from one item to another. We use very strong magnets in all of our products so you should not use if you have a medical pacemaker.

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There are two PU leather layers one on the inside and the other on the outside of the clip.  We use PU leather because it is softer and it cleans easier

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Our Fashion Clip consists of 2 strong magnets on the inside of the clip at each end. The magnets are covered in a durable fabric to protect the magnets from sticking too hard together or damage. The covering also protects your most delicate clothes. Every clip is designed and constructed by the Adalee Ivy Design Team with quality in the for-front.

The inside layer between the 2 layers of leather firm inner core which gives the clip structure but isn't too restrictive. The front half of the clip which is approx. 3 1/8 inches long and is covered in the "bling" of your choice.



The Do's

1. Do use your imagination to discover all the items you have that you can beautify your life with a clip.

2. Do remember to remove your clips after wearing so they don't end up ruined in the washer.


3. ENJOY!!! Adalee Ivys' Fashion Clips are made to last a very long time!

The Dont's

1. If you have a pacemaker, do not use until you speak to your doctor.

2. Do not clean with a washing machine or dryer.  You can spot clean easily with soap and water.

3.Don't let magnets come in direct contact with electronics such as cell phones and computers.

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